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Autor Steelers News: It is time for a No. 3 wide receiving option to emerge

Dodane dnia 04-12-2018 07:56
The Pittsburgh Steelers are back in the loser column after a poor performance vs. their divisional rival Cheap Antonio Brown Jersey , the Baltimore Ravens, at Heinz Field in prime time in Week 4. With the Atlanta Falcons coming into Heinz Field for a Week-5 matchup, the Steelers will need to improve on their 1-2-1 record. Something I did last season and Ir17;m going to start again is the Black-and-Gold Links article. This is an article where I take stories from quality news sources across the Internet, and add them here for your viewing pleasure. I wonr17;t be posting the entire articles, but Ir17;ll link each story and author so that you can read the full article. Today we talk about how the Steelers are lacking a true No. 3 receiving option on offense. Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster are clearly No. 1 and No. 2, but someone else needs to emerge to help the offense click on all cylinders. In the past, it was Ler17;Veon Bell and/or Eli Rogers, but coming into the season it was James Washington who was expected to fill that role. Who will step up? Vance McDonald? Jesse James?Only time will tell...Letr17;s get to the news:Steelers looking for more production out of No. 3 WR James WashingtonBy: Chris Adamski, Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewThrough four games this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have gotten 60 catches for 688 yards from their top two wide receivers.After that, though, therer17;s been a precipitous drop-off. Ryan Switzer, James Washington, Justin Hunter and Darrius Heyward-Bey have combined for 110 receiving yards.Hunter has been inactive the past three games, Heyward-Bey has an ankle injury and the majority of Switzerr17;s receiving production has come when he lined up in the backfield as a de facto running back. So that leaves Washington, a rookie second-round pick, as the logical candidate for production from a Steelers receiver not named Antonio Brown or JuJu Smith-Schuster.Through four games, Washington has been limited to five catches for 49 yards and a touchdown, but his usage has been trending up.r0;Her17;s starting to get (significant) snaps,r1; offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner said.Washington played 47 of the Steelersr17; 62 offensive snaps during this past Sundayr17;s loss to Baltimore. But he was targeted by just four of Ben Roethlisbergerr17;s 47 passes (Brown and Smith-Schuster were 11 times each).Still, Fichtner insists Washington is getting open.r0;Sometimes her17;s not always in a primary spot,r1; Fichtner said, r0;sometimes he is.r0;I donr17;t know if itr17;s anything in particular that wer17;re trying to do or not do, but her17;s actually improved.r1;With Heyward-Bey not practicing thus far this week and looking as if he wonr17;t play Sunday against Atlanta, Hunter might again earn a spot in the lineup.r0;Her17;s an option, no doubt,r1; Fichtner said.Tim Benz: Steelers donr17;t trust James Conner as much as they sayBy: Tim Benz, Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewThe more the Steelers talk about James Conner Cheap Le'Veon Bell Jersey , the more they promote his attributes as a running back.If the coaches and players honestly believe what they are saying, itr17;s time they start buying into their own sales job.Because the numbers on-field donr17;t support the backing given to Conner between games.Without Ler17;Veon Bell as the go-to running back, the Steelers either canr17;t run or are afraid to try.Maybe both.Whatever the case, the Steelers rank 27th in yards per rushing attempt in the NFL and 28th in total rushing attempts.The hype surrounding Conner started in training camp when it became apparent Bell would be sitting out activities in Latrobe for a second straight year. Every offensive player or coach at Saint Vincent College drooled while gushing about Connerr17;s improved blocking, hands, speed, decisiveness, health and conditioning.The praise ramped up as it became apparent Bell wouldnr17;t be reporting in time for the season opener in Cleveland. Conner rewarded that praise by totaling 192 yards from scrimmage in that contest.He was excellent.Until that fumble in the fourth quarter that turned the game around.Maybe that was it. Maybe thatr17;s the reason. Whatever the case, since that moment, the Steelers havenr17;t treated their running game with Conner the same as they used to with Bell.Theyr17;ll protest to the contrary, though.r0;James Conner has been really solid,r1; Mike Tomlin said Tuesday. r0;Both with the ball in his hands and without.r1;If thatr17;s true, then he should get the ball more.Falcons are talking about AB, T.J., Ben & moreWhen the Steelers take on the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday at Heinz Field it will be a matchup of two explosive offenses that are looking to get back on track and start stacking some wins.Falcons Coach Dan Quinn knows the weapons the Steelers bring to the table, starting with but not limited to Antonio Brown.r0;Right off the bat itr17;s the explosiveness their team has,r1; said Quinn. r0;As good and explosive as Antonio is, they have a full complement of guys they use at receiver and tight ends and backs. They make it very challenging because of the different guys they go to and the matchups. They have a full arsenal and full stable of guys they like to feature and use.r1;The Falcons also weighed in on JuJu Smith-Schuster, T.J Watt and more.Running back Devonta Freeman on Antonio Brown:r0;AB is explosive. You already know AB is explosive. I have nothing but respect for AB. I know his work ethic. I know him personally. I know where he comes from. I know he is a competitor. I know he likes to play. I know he likes to win. I know he likes to perform at a high level.r1;Quinn on what makes JuJu Smith-Schuster a difficult matchup:r0;He really finishes. With the ball in his hands, the finishing elements, the physicality. You can see in his background there is defense for sure. Her17;ll go and finish out. The speed is there, but there is speed with a number of the receivers in their offense. The speed in which they play. But the way JuJu finishes, the physicality, those are things that at the end of the catch, the end of the run, that he certainly caught my attention from a competitor. You better bring it because he certainly is.r1;Quarterback Matt Ryan on what he sees from the Steelers defense:r0;Theyr17;re some talented players at all levels of the defense. Cam (Heyward) in the front-seven r11; disruptive player, very physical, theyr17;ve got some good outside linebackers in their base schemes come defensive ends and theyr17;re sub-defense. Talented rushers http://www.steelerscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-jesse-james-jersey , physical guys, very athletic. So theyr17;ve got some good players on the backend. Theyr17;ve been dealing with some injuries across the board on defense but theyr17;ve got some tough schemes to go against as players.r1; The only consistent aspect of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2018 have been their inconsistencies, but maybe this trend is starting to change.After an opening week tie with the Cleveland Browns, followed by a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Steelers had shown it all r12; amazing offense, head-scratching play calling and shoddy defense, among others.Needless to say, the Steelers experienced a precipitous drop in the weekly NFL Power Rankings because of their poor play which resulted in a 0-1-1 record heading into Week 3. However, a 30-27 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football had the Steelers on the rise. Right on cue, the next week they suffered a 26-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football, the Pittsburgh roller coaster was again on the decline.Have no fear Steelers fans, a dominant performance in Week 5 vs. the Atlanta Falcons in followed by a big win over the Cincinnati Bengals has the team continuing on their upward trend. Or as Mike Tomlin would say, r0;The arrow is pointing up.r1; Throw in their most recent win, a Week 8 win over the Browns, and it is safe to say it looks like the Steelers have turned the proverbial corner.So, where do they rank in the latest Power Rankings?We all realize these power rankings mean nothing, but theyr17;re great for conversation and debate. This week, the Steelers saw themselves claw their way back into the Top 10, but some are still hesitant in the black-and-gold.Coming off their Week 8 win, the Steelers will be looking to continue their winning ways as they prepare for the Baltimore Ravens in Week 8, and a win would certainly resurrect their rankings status.Check out the rankings, and let us know what you think in the comment section below!ESPN1. Los Angeles Rams2. Kansas City Chiefs3. New Orleans Saints4. New England Patriots5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Carolina Panthers7. Pittsburgh Steelersr0;The Steelers have been spooked into dropping the football too often. Pittsburghr17;s offense has 11 fumbles through seven games, including five for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and three for running back James Conner. The offense recorded 15 fumbles all of last season. Though many of the fumbles were recovered, coach Mike Tomlin values ball security above nearly all else.r1;8. Minnesota Vikings9. Philadelphia Eagles10. Baltimore RavensUSA Today1. Los Angeles Rams2. New Orleans Saints3. New England Patriots4. Kansas City Chiefs5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Pittsburgh Steelersr0;Treat r12; there are few things more fun right now than watching TE Vance McDonald consistently go Mark Bavaro on opposing defenders.r1;7. Washington Redskins8. Carolina Panthers9. Minnesota Vikings10. Philadelphia EaglesSB Nation1. Los Angeles Rams2. New England Patriots3. Kansas City Chiefs4. New Orleans Saints5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Pittsburgh Steelers7. Carolina Panthers8. Chicago Bears9. Washington Redskins10. Philadelphia EaglesNBC Sports1. Los Angeles Rams2. New Orleans Saints 3. Kansas City Chiefs4. New England Patriots5. Pittsburgh Steelersr0;Why theyr17;re here: Who needs Ler17;Veon Bell? James Connor has had three straight games over over 110 rushing yards and two touchdowns. This team is a contender, with Bell or not.r1;6. Los Angeles Chargers7. Minnesota Vikings8. Washington Redskins9. Carolina Panthers10. Houston Texans
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